• About the Artist

    My name is Chelsea Keria,
    I'm the makeup artist and owner of Makeup by Keria.
    My interest in makeup started around 2010; I would always purchase products and test them on myself. Sadly though I have sensitive skin and often was stuck with products that had only been sampled. As time went on I started getting interested in assisting my photographer friends, one day my friend suggested that I should try to do her model's makeup.

    The experience of applying someone else's makeup was fantastic.
    I've always been a helper and a fixer, I even have a bachelor's degree in Social Work, but the experience that not only myself but my client receives is the reason I started makeup. For myself growing up I always struggled with self-image, my philosophy behind makeup is not to make over someone to no longer look like themselves but to enhance the natural beauty. That moment when a client looks in the mirror and feels amazing is what I love about applying makeup.

    My educational background in makeup is that I'm mostly self-taught but have sought further education. Over the years I have read multiple books from leading industry makeup artists and have attended several makeup workshops and classes. I pride myself on being sanitary before, during, and after all makeup session and I'm always open to learning about new makeup techniques and products. I use professional grade makeup brands like Urban Decay, Lorac, MAC, Too Faced, and more.
    I specialize in bridal and model makeup but offer a range of other makeup services.
    I am available for on-location makeup services in Niles, MI, and the surrounding areas.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

  • Things that make me smile
    ☺ Colorful themes
    ☺ My cats
    ☺ Music - Anything from Lamb of God to Sylvan Esso
    ☺ Being creative with makeup
    ☺ Video Games
    ☺ Anything Hello Kitty
    ☺ Spiked / Unique Fashion
    ☺ Traveling
    ☺ Tattoos

  • People Who Inspire Me