• Bridal: New Orleans, Louisiana | Westley Leon Studios

    2 Oct 2017

  • I can not believe I forgot to share these beautiful images!!!
    A while back Westley Leon Studios and I traveled to New Orleans to attend our friend’s wedding at the Tree of Life. The ceremony was beautiful, and New Orlean has to be one of my favorite places away from home that I enjoy visiting. While there we planned and stylized a bridal shoot with one of the top bridal dress shops in the area. It was March, so we struggled at first finding someone to provide hair services due to New Orlean’s wedding season starting earlier than ours. Thankful we were able to find a great hairstylist to help with this shoot. I hope you enjoy these images as Westley Leon Studios and I worked hard with only a few hours to shoot with.


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  • About the Artist

    I'm the makeup artist and owner of Makeup by Keria.
    I started doing makeup in 2010 in fashion and modeling. I moved into the wedding makeup in 2013 and fell in love. I'm a sucker for wedding days and all the emotional moments around it. I love helping the bride fulfill her dream wedding and making her look flawless for her big day! I've been married to my husband Westley for over 10 years and he happens to be a wedding photographer. We enjoy working with one another but when we have separate weddings we also enjoy telling the bride's big day over dinner.


    I'm great under the pressures of the big day's timeline and make the bride my focus. I have a degree in social work that I have used to help some brides ease their anxieties while also relaxing them while they are in my chair getting their makeup completed.
    I'm an easy going person and put others forward and I can't wait to talk to you about your big day! <3