• So I rarely ever blog about personal matters here on the Makeup by Keria Beauty Blog!

    Most of my past and some future clients know that I have been a full-time social worker. A few weeks ago I gave my resignation with the foster care agency I have been working with for the past five years, and this past Friday was my last day. I hate goodbyes and letting go of something that I was so passionate about. I never saw myself leaving honestly but at the same time not leaving only prevents growth. I have met a lot of amazing people along my five years working in foster care. Some of them to have come and gone. My life is more than working 50-60 hours a week in a system that I couldn’t change by myself.  A good friend of my husband and I always encouraged me to jump into makeup full-time, and after his passing, I started to feel the fire of pursuing more than the stressful environment that I was in. This choice was not an easy one as I waited a year before I decided to take this jump. I’m going to miss the families and co-workers that turned into friends and honestly family. At the same time, I will now be able to give my business the full attention that it and my clients deserve. I can’t wait to jump in and have the free time to attend more makeup workshops and bridal shows!

    So here is the next chapter of my life.
    Full-time makeup artist, adventurer, and dreamer.

    Photo of me on my way to my first wedding party as a full-time makeup artist!!

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